Speeddates – IDE Business Fair


Have a speeddate with a company!

Feel free to sign up and have a 10 minute coffee chat during the IDE Businessfair on March 20th or March 21st!
A selection of 10 participants will have the chance to talk one-on-one for 10 minutes to discuss job or internship opportunities. A portfolio and or CV and motivation is required.

This year Essense, TWD, Bureau Moeilijke Dingen, Innofunding and Mixit are looking for you!

How to sign up:

  1. Look into the companies offering speeddates during the IDE Businessfair and choose a maximum of 3 companies you would like to talk to.
  2. Upload your portfolio, CV and a short motivation through this link ! We’ll send these to the company so they know who is sitting in front of them during the speeddate. In case there are more than 10 interested students, the companies will use these deliverables to make a selection. If you don’t have a complete portfolio, you can apply without. However, this might lower your chances of getting selected by the company.
  3. Submission deadline is 23:59 on the 8th of March 2024!
  4. We will let you know if you are invited for a chat!

Don’t hold back to sign up, it’s just a nice 10 minute talk with a person that is interested in you!