Secrid – IDE Business Fair


is specialized in product design

Industrial design and fashion come together in our pocket-sized essentials. Being Dutch inspires a lot of the values in which we believe deeply: local production, social responsibility, quality, and environmentalism. Since the start of the Secrid journey 20 years ago, we have created a product that launched a whole new market segment.

Thanks to our radically different design and production processes, wallets are once again being produced on a large scale in the Netherlands. More efficiently and cleaner than ever, in a quantity never before seen in our small country. By 2009 the leather industry had all but disappeared from the Netherlands but we were able to breathe new life into it.

We believe in long-term relationships with our suppliers, all 50 of them. They are partners in our journey. From the sewing workshop in Vlaardingen to the social enterprise in Leiden, they all carry us forward.

At the heart of each product is our Cardprotector, it keeps cards safe from breaking or unwanted readings through the use of RFID or NFC. But whenever you want to use a card or pay wirelessly, you can easily slide them out with a push of a button.

With an average age of 29, our team is young and energetic. A diverse family of around 100 colleagues, with wide-ranging skills. For us, one’s character is just as important as a degree and work experience. All of us have different backgrounds but what binds us is creativity, humility, and respect.