Lunch Lecture by Soda Studio – IDE Business Fair

Lunch Lecture by Soda Studio

March 8th, 12:45 – 13:45 @ Wim Crouwel

Digital Product crafting at Soda Studio 

As a digital product designer, you have the unique responsibility to create intuitive and positive experiences for an increasing part of people’s lives. 

For us it’s a no-brainer that in the digital world the end-user is central. Whether we design a website, app or service, we always gain insights into our users. It is our task to translate these insights into well crafted digital products that not only work great for users, but also make sense in their larger context. 

Does this sound exciting to you? Visit our talk. We will show you real world cases and give you a unique peek into our world.

Come and join this lunch lecture by Soda Studio and grab a free lunch!