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is a service design studio

About Zeewaardig

Zeewaardig is a Rotterdam-based service design studio. We are an enthusiastic and energetic team of designers with a social drive to make the world a bit more equal, beautiful and more sustainable. We believe that there is a creative and curious designer in everyone.

We apply design thinking in a social context. We work for organizations such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the city the Hague, Rotterdam and Eindhoven, but also for cultural institutions and housing corporations. The problems they are facing are complex and often part of a bigger societal issues like sustainability and equal rights.

We use co-creation to tackle these challenges. For example we conduct interviews together about what the municipality should do about litter in the city. We organize creative sessions to help teachers to involve their students in designing their own arts and culture education. And we design interventions like a neigboorhoodwalk where we answer questions of locals about making the switch from natural gas to sustainable energy.

We don’t keep our design attitude and skills to ourselves. We strive for profound collaboration with our clients. This way we not only build on existing knowledge and experience, we also develop design skills with our clients.