The Talent Institute – IDE Business Fair

The Talent Institute

is a learning and networking center

The Talent Institute. 

We create talent development programs in digital growth & innovation for the next generation of young professionals.

We teach our talents everything there is to learn about digital growth and innovation, and we connect them with the finest and most innovative companies. 

We believe that innovation does not exist without the right people.
People who act, instead of talk. People who are entrepreneurial, who get things done.
People who execute; Because innovation is all about validating new ideas as fast as possible.

This is exactly why we bring execution power to market-leading companies via our entrepreneurial Young Digital Innovators who are the best in what they do and have the right digital skill-, tool- and mindset to accelerate innovation.
Our Young Digital Innovators are skilled professionals who empower digital growth & innovation for other companies.
Not by telling them what to do. But by doing it.

The Talent Institute offers you the unique opportunity to join a 2-year program during which you will hands-on discover, validate and build new products and services for companies such as Unilever, Philips and Nationale Nederlanden.
While doing so, we offer you an extensive development program via which you will develop your personal-, professional and innovation skills to become a full-stack innovation professional.

Interested? Come see us at our stand!