Stop! We’re not a company! – IDE Business Fair

Stop! We’re not a company!

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About Stop! We’re not a company!
Join us at the IDE Business Fair where we’re not just representing a single company, but the spirit of entrepreneurship itself. We’re here to inspire you to consider the exciting path of entrepreneurship alongside or even after your studies. Because let’s face it, working for a company isn’t the only option out there.
There are so many different forms of entrepreneurship possible; it’s not just about startups or with investors. We invite initiators, creative thinkers, and bold doers — individuals with passion and drive.
As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the thrill of taking risks, the satisfaction of seeing your ideas come to life, and the endless possibilities that come with being your own boss. And we want to share that excitement with you!
Join us at the IDE Business Fair to:
⭐️  Ask all your questions about being an entrepreneur.
⭐️  Connect with like-minded individuals who pursue their passion through entrepreneurship.

⭐️  Gain valuable insights and advice from experienced entrepreneurs who have walked the path before you.
⭐️  Discover the opportunities for combining your studies with entrepreneurship.

Don’t limit yourself to the traditional career path. Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and pave your own way.
Let’s ignite the spark of entrepreneurship together, see you there!
This is an initiative of Studio Angelineau, Met Jezelf in Zee, New Future Lab, Kickstart Lab and TU Delft | Centre for Entrepreneurship.