Quooker – IDE Business Fair


is a product design company

Would you like to experience working in a company where you can turn your drawings into prototypes by stepping through just 1 door? A place where everything to develop, manufacture and sell a new product can be found under the same roof? If so, you should come and talk to us during the IDE Business Fair. For more information you can send us an email: info@quooker.nl or take a look on our website: www.quooker.com.

Quooker manufactures boiling water taps. In over 30 years Quooker perfected the idea of instant boiling water from your kitchen tap into a successful product that is sold in 9 European countries and the United Arab Emirates. To realise this, each day over a 250 people work in Ridderkerk (near Rotterdam) to keep up with the market’s demands. The company distinguishes itself by performing all necessary activities for realizing the products (such as assembly, production automation, tool making and product design and development) in-house as much as possible. The biggest advantage of this is the independence from other companies which enables Quooker to always deliver premium quality. Since all the divisions are situated in the same building there are short communication lines within the company, which allow for an informal dynamic working atmosphere. Thanks to this set-up, innovation speeds up because ideas can be prototyped and tested right away.