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Public Cinema

is a creative agency for social impact

About Public Cinema

Public Cinema is a creative agency for social impact. We operate on the cutting edge of design, visual storytelling, communication and consultancy. We have been doing this for 9 years, for more than 100 organizations, mainly in the public sector.

We combine the best of both worlds: we analyze complex issues and translate them into creative and visual design and communication. We also use visualization as a process tool. By drawing – also often ‘live’ – we get to the essence and create shared views. This way, we design plans and strategies together with our clients.

For many years we have had interns and colleagues from Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. They feel right at home with us. They can use their skills in research, design thinking and creativity. As well as their entrepreneurial energy and management talent. Doing work that matters to society.

As an IDE intern you will join a team of like-minded people. The 25 people in our team do creative work from backgrounds like economics, public administration, law, journalism, anthropology or business administration. Or they do research from an education in creative disciplines such as design, film, animation, illustration, UX etc. These crossovers characterize us.

So, what do we actually do? Have a look at our website:
Or check our special project “Robin”: an interactive animation film about scientific dilemmas, the future and the course of human life:

Curious? We look forward to talking to you at the IDE Business Fair!