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About Plasticlab

Plasticlab specializes in creating product designs for e-commerce businesses, optimized for manufacturing, sustainability, and market appeal. With a decentralized working style, we started in The Hague, Netherlands, and expanded teams across Europe and America, we bring a global perspective to every project. 

Since 2020, we’ve dedicated ourselves to designing products that not only meet production standards but also cater precisely to their intended markets. Our diverse team, combining experience and innovation, drives us to excel in both design and functionality. 

We are passionate about leveraging design to address real-world challenges, ensuring our products are sustainable and meet consumer needs. 

Every six months, we offer internship opportunities for those eager to contribute to impactful and market-ready product designs. Join us at Plasticlab to be part of a team that shapes the future of product design, focusing on manufacturability, and sustainability, and making products ready for the market!