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innovations in sustainability & circularity

About Innofunding

Innofunding operates at the intersection of strategy consulting and innovation financing. Innofunding helps companies to finance their investments in innovative projects through public grants, tax incentives and credit facilities. We help our clients to survive towards the commercial phases of their innovations. Our more than 300 clients are mostly active in (a combination of) solutions for Climate Change, Green Chemistry, Energy Transition, Recycling, Life Sciences & Health, and ICT. We link a company’s strategy and development roadmap to the right grant or incentive, and write R&D and business plans for companies in all stages of an innovation process. 

Our team consists of 12 fulltime consultants, supported by ambitious students in parttime roles, and 2 office managers. Most of us have a background in beta sciences; 7 of us are TU Delft alumni (4 IDE). Our background in technology helps us to better understand our clients’ ideas, roadmap and developments, and translate them into subsidy proposals or strategic business plans.  

At Innofunding you get an in-depth look behind the scenes at many high-tech companies in the Netherlands (and in Europe), and see the latest developments. You can enhance and boost your career in tech consultancy through communication and management skills (trainings), interaction with our brilliant clients and colleagues, and consortium building & networking. You work in small teams, always result-oriented. 

We are located in Haarlem, in one of the most beautiful buildings of the Nieuwe Gracht, at a 5 minutes’ walk from the Haarlem train station.