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About Innergroup

At Inner Group, we think engineers make great entrepreneurs. We are a Venture Studio, so we will help you lanch, develop, and scale your international operating climate tech company and help to bring it from idea to a series A investment round . We remove all barriers for you, as well as many of your perceived risks of starting your own company. People who have starteda successful start-up will guide, mentor and help you every step of the way to start yours, part of the risk is shared with them, so you’ll be sure it gets to a success.

When you start a company with us, we will help you develop a good business plan, create your website, branding, marketing with you. We can make sure your first paid projects get taken care of, you get access to funding, financial and legal advice, and you will enter in an international network that will allow you to grow further.

If you do not yet have an innovative idea to start a business, we will come up with a concept tailored to your skills and interests. Connect with us now to talk about your journey to a successful climate tech company.