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software development and service design

About iHomer

Discover a new way of working at ihomer, where we are not just employees, but participants, in a dynamic, collaborative environment. We are a forward-thinking software company that values the entrepreneurial spirit, creating custom software solutions hand-in-hand with our clients. At ihomer, we do not believe in traditional hierarchies. Instead, we work together to shape our organization, promoting a culture of shared leadership and innovation. As a UX Designer at ihomer, you are not just a designer. You are also a researcher, strategist, and innovator. You are at the forefront of our projects, leading the design process and working closely with our skilled software engineers across diverse industries like EV, Healthcare, Customs, Fintech, Retail and GRC. You will have the opportunity to influence the design of our products, ensuring they meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations But at ihomer, we understand that a great user experience alone is not enough. That is why we integrate business objectives into our design process, ensuring that our solutions not only delight users but also drive business growth. As a UX Designer with us, you will play a key role in helping our clients reach their ambitions, creating designs that balance user needs with business goals.