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is a consultancy company

Who we are 

Hieroo, a subsidiary of SeederDeBoer, is the local consultant. We operate in various cities in the Netherlands and offer starters a two-year traineeship. Our mission is to create social impact by working on a better city of tomorrow. You might spot us on our Hieroo bikes ready to explore and contribute to our surroundings. We could either be on our way to support one of our clients, build a network of young professionals or dive into a social challenge.  


What we do  

Our Young Consultants support organizations in 3 to 9 months assignments where the key objective is to realize change. We operate in various sectors and different roles from researching organizational challenges to leading a project. We contribute by seeing to individual organizations’ needs and tailoring our support. By applying creative methods and analytical thinking, we create rejuvenation, renewal, and strengthening of organizations. Parallel to the consultancy assignments the Young Consultants receive a training program that supports them in their professional and personal development. Topics like data science, project management, organisational adaption and challenging conversations, are covered. All to become a leading professional in their city or region.