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Helder industrial design BV.

is an innovation and development consultancy

About Helder Industrial Design B.V.


Who are we?

Helder-id is a forward thinking design & product development consultancy. Our team consists of well trained, experienced, creative industrial designers & engineers. We have invested in a vast network of development & manufacturing partners. And this is what we do: We design and develop products and we take care of realization.

Our Aim

At Helder-id we just love to create things. We are no-nonsense product developers, always aiming to find straightforward and effective solutions to complex problems. Whether in a limited series or mass production, the end product should always embody the perfect balance of functionality, appealing design and efficient manufacturability. In the end, we strive to deliver successful products that help our clients achieving a durable competitive market position.


The Helder-id team is very much used to working according highly structured integral product development trajectories, but we always maintained the flexibility that is needed to create innovative solutions. Although ‘the Delft methodology’ is pretty much our guideline, we commonly adapt it to the specific needs of our clients. Working together, with both our clients and our development partners, is an integral part of our approach.

Our development network

Every product development project is different. In many cases a multidisciplinary approach is required, and sometimes specific know-how is required that surpasses our knowledge. Fortunately, Helder-id has a vast network of experts to rely on.