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Gemeente Den Haag

designing the municipality of the Hague

About Gemeente Den Haag

Designing at the Municipality of the Hague.

Do you desire working on large societal issues? Such as how do you keep the city clean? How do you ensure a smooth and fast energy transition? How do you get people to exercise more or how can we innovate the controversial New Year’s Eve bonfire tradition?

Team iD (innovatie en Dienstverlening) tackles important and complex challenges ​​which improve the lives of the Hague’s citizens.
We are a small team of ten who operate similar to an internal designing agency. In and outside our professional UX lab ‘de Stadskamer’ we conduct qualitative research to generate insights for our solutions.​ During each project we follow the Design Thinking methodology. Our solutions aren’t just digital but instead focus on every aspect of the human experience, from physical desks and behavioural instructions to mobile applications.

​”Team iD puts people at the heart of the organisation”

Becoming a designer at the municipality of the Hague has additional benefits. The working conditions are above average and the City Hall is located in the lively city center near the Central Station. Besides that you get the chance to develop yourself fast while working on complex issues with high societal value.​

Do you want to join our mission as an intern or employee and make impact fast within a large organisation? We are looking for Dutch (sorry!) Service Designers, Social Designers, Design Researchers, UX Researchers, UX Designers, Entrepreneurs and anyone who is ready to change the status quo. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and tell us your story!

Dutch speaking only