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is a design consultancy

About FLEX/design

“Hello from FLEX/design, your local Dutch design consultancy in Delft. For 35 years, we’ve led innovative industrial design and impactful packaging solutions. Collaborating closely with clients, we craft products driving economic, social, and environmental value. 

Recognize us from projects like Seepje packaging, FLEXA paint tester, Doppertap, and Grolsch bottle? These embody our commitment to innovative design. Our increasing focus is on fostering sustainability in consumer behavior, spanning agriculture, logistics, retail, and recycling. 

Every six months, we offer 2-3 internship positions and seek talented designers and engineers eager to shape the future. With a diverse team of 25 professionals, we aim to further diversify, inviting challenges. 

Passionate about design, sustainability, and innovation? Join us to revolutionize packaging and pioneer transformative industrial solutions. Explore how you can be part of crafting impactful and responsible design solutions at our booth.”