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EDAG Netherlands

mobility and industry engineering experts

About EDAG

We are a design and engineering studio in which design and technical development go hand in hand. Thanks to this integrated development strategy, we develop innovative products together with our clients that not only look good, but also function well. 


Mobility is our specialty; we develop vehicles in the broadest sense of the word. From passenger cars to heavy trucks, light last mile delivery solutions to cargo bikes. We are active in both the design of the vehicles themselves, as well as the design of the production facilities and the management of all processes involved. 


We are a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team with a versatile background, which makes us extremely flexible in our services. We offer an extensive service portfolio because we connect our local presence in the Netherlands with the international competencies within the global EDAG Group. That is why we not only use our expertise for the development of intelligent mobility solutions, but we are also happy to take on challenges in other sectors. As a result, we remain a fixed value for automotive OEMs, and we broaden our horizon in collaborations with SME companies and start-ups.  


In addition to projects with clients, we also use our creativity to develop our own vision on mobility. We are a partner in various innovation programs and with the EDAG CityBot we demonstrate an integrated solution for urban mobility where the quality of life in the city comes first. 


Today’s ecological and economic challenges require future-proof solutions, where we can no longer design for today without considering the world of tomorrow. Sustainable solutions are our standard, the ecological footprint of our designs is just as important to us as traditional design criteria such as weight, ease of use and cost price.