DSW – IDE Business Fair


a health insurance company

About DSW 

At DSW, we aim to create the best experience for our users!

As a UX Designer at DSW, you work on different aspects of the design process. From conducting user tests to designing the front-end of a new web page or in-house application. Almost all of our IT systems are built in-house, because we think we can do better than third-party solutions. You will work in a multidisciplinary Scrum team together with developers and testers, to create a user-friendly design based on the needs and wishes of users.
At DSW, you will work on a variety of projects and you have the freedom to develop interests in other fields. This variety and freedom can keep the work fresh and exciting.

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a designer and making a significant impact on people’s lives by improving the user experience?
Do you like to collaborate with designers and take this opportunity to continuously learn and grow your skills in this rapidly evolving field of design?
This is your chance to use your creative mind and bring ideas to life!  

Apply and become the next designer!