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Bureau Moeilijke Dingen

unlocking potential by harnessing complexity

About BMD

Bureau Moeilijke Dingen is an Eindhoven based design studio, with a focus on designing opportunities to unlock human potential by harnessing complexity. Our mission is to make complex processes and technology accessible to everyone, fostering participation and using creativity to transform complexity into understandable prototypes and products that can generate meaningful impact on both personal and societal levels. We do this through research, design and engineering.

Our team consists of creative technologists with expertises varying from design research, user research and concept design to digital, mechanical and electrical engineering. We’re working with clients like Philips, Swiss Sense and OpenAI on both digital and physical products, and preferably bridging the gap between them.

Our projects are ranging from neonatal care to the offshore industry, from designing for interactions with AI to solving complex production challenges, and from big corporations to individual artists.

At BMD, we value a mindset that can understand and communicate complexity though creativity, empathy and iterative & critical thinking. We believe this mindset allows us to understand and negotiate the (societal) impact of technology and design. We’re always looking for researchers, designers and engineers who are encouraged by complex challenges.