BPO – IDE Business Fair


a development and engineering company

About BPO

For over thirty-five years, BPO has been the design agency for technical product development and optimisation for a varied range of products and customers. BPO develops innovative and durable plastic products in an integral process from idea to detailed production ready design. Our team consists of enthusiastic and dedicated employees, including industrial designers, mechanical experts, material and production specialists and project leaders. 

With this team we serve customers from different industries within and outside of Europe, from Mexico to Australia. Our customers are major international brands in various industries, but also producers, mould builders, start-ups and inventors. They engage BPO for a complete development process or short-term assignments such as calculations, simulations and advice. Among these clients are consumer brands as Elho, Samsonite and Heineken but also more industrial oriented brands.  

Our specialties are development & engineering (from sketch to drafted and detailed CAD parts) and simulations & optimisation (both FEM and Moldflow simulations). We put emphasis on designing details, choosing the right material, minimising resources and optimising the product for its intended function while keeping in mind the full product lifecycle. At BPO we have advanced knowledge about designing for recycled materials and circular production as well. This way, we can promote more sustainable production methods on an industrial scale.