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Accenture Industry X Industrial Design

creative digital and physical design

About Accenture Industry X Industrial Design

In the ever-evolving digital age, the essence of tangibility in the design process for physical products remains irreplaceable. At Accenture Industry X ▪ Industrial Design (previously called VanBerlo), we celebrate the fusion of the digital and physical, recognizing that both dimensions play pivotal roles in crafting exceptional products for the modern era. Touch, feel, and sensory engagement breathe life into innovation. Tactile experiences empower us to refine aesthetics, assess functionality, and foster collaboration, bridging the gap between design vision and user experience throughout a wide variety of industries.

Our multidisciplinary approach is human centric with sustainability embedded, to ensure that every aspect of the product is carefully considered – from its design and engineering to its sourcing, manufacturing, and servicing. Design can play a critical role in addressing the pressing sustainability and inclusivity challenges we face today, and the fusion of physical and digital design can be a powerful tool in this effort.

We are a team of 80 creatives, including designers, engineers, strategists, researchers, developers and more. From our two studios in Eindhoven and Den Haag, we work on a wide variety of domains, such as consumer goods & services, industrial, automotive, mobility and utilities. Want to know more? Visit our website

Visit our stand March 21st or join our in-house portfolio workshop April 3rd. We’d love to get to hear your vision on design in the current age.