Workshop by Humanoids – IDE Business Fair

Workshop by Humanoids

March 6th, 13:45 – 15:45 @ Wim Crouwel Hall - IDE Faculty

What: In an Expert Review, we deploy UX expertise to thoroughly examine an application or website and come up with serious improvements. In other words, we test the user experience. For example, we look at the funnels and call-to-actions, usability, accessibility, the hierarchy and navigation, but also at the copy and to what extent the product is sufficiently targeted. And thus: understandable for a user.
In this workshop, in a couple of teams, we take an app or digital product that we are going to analyse, review and improve where we can.

Why: Sometimes it is in small things. Those little things can make for a much better user experience. So this is the non-sexy, nitty-gritty part of UX, but therefore very important.


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