Workshop: Visual Thinking – IDE Business Fair

Workshop: Visual Thinking

February 14th, 14:45 – 18:30 @ IDE Arena

[Formerly known as Jongens van de Tekeningen]

Visual Thinking is a powerful tool to develop your thoughts and make abstract or complex ideas visible. Putting these ideas on paper make them accessible for discussion and engaging for specific audiences. During this workshop we help you to tap into the skills you already have and teach you the tools and tricks to take your drawings to a different level. This skill set and methodology are the same we use in our daily work with our clients and focus on a functional form of communication that can help in interacting with other students, during presentations or for making notes.

Maximum number of participants: 60

If you are in the IDE Academy master course, you can get credits by completing this workshop in combination with a case! If this interferes with other courses, this one does not have priority.


This event has already passed, we hope to see you another time.