Case: The World of the Strategiemaker – IDE Business Fair

Case: The World of the Strategiemaker

March 14th, 09:00 – 11:30 @ Bernd Schierbeek

About Strategiemakers

Strategiemakers creates and guides transitions in organizations. We don’t give advice, we facilitate great sessions that help to build the skills that our customers, organizations, teams, employees and leaders, need to continuously renew themselves. We do this guided by a design driven approach: Growth by Design. Together with our customers we discover how to shape their organizations in such a way that it facilitates agility and adaptability. Together we test what methodologies fit, what tools are effective, what competencies are unmissable and how to shape their context and culture.

Strategiemakers: The precision of a strategy consultant combined with a designer’s power of creating solutions.


About the case

In this case we will give you a sneak peek into the world of the Strategiemaker; what our daily work looks like and what kind of cases we do for our clients. Together we will design an approach to facilitate one of our customers in designing and validating a new business model. Enroll for our case and learn how we use consultancy, lean startup and design thinking in our sessions.


This event has already passed, we hope to see you another time.