Optimise a Coat Hanger for Strength and Shape – IDE Business Fair

Optimise a Coat Hanger for Strength and Shape

March 11th, 10:45 – 14:45 @ Bernd Schierbeek, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering
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In this workshop, you will use Altair Inspire topology optimisation software & Altair Inspire Studio 3D design software to optimise a Coat Hanger. The goal is to make the product as light as possible, beautifully looking while being stiff enough to withhold the forces it is being exposed to. The end result is a breathtaking Photo Rendering and a production-ready optimised 3D model.


(A total of 6 hours of workshops and/or cases will count towards 1 IDE academy point)

Maximum number of participants: 30


This event has already passed, we hope to see you another time.