Moveable large scale solar projects – IDE Business Fair

Moveable large scale solar projects

March 4th, 15:45 – 19:45 @ Bernd Schierbeek, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering
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– How to use open space in the Netherlands for Large Scale Solar with the ability of temporary removal –
Open area’s in the Netherlands are scarce however available at risk zone’s around pipelines and factories as well as agricultural crop rotation. These areas are currently not available for large scale solar development as fixed bases are required, however the Dutch pipeline zone between Rotterdam and Antwerp could fulfil > 5% of the Dutch national sustainability goals. What solutions can be found to open up these areas for large scale solar with reliable and bankable moveable systems?

(A total of 6 hours of workshops and/or cases will count towards 1 IDE academy point)

Maximum number of participants: 30


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