Lecture by Zeewaardig – The Value of Design – IDE Business Fair

Lecture by Zeewaardig – The Value of Design

February 21st, 12:45 – 13:45 @ IDE Arena - IDE Faculty
Learn all about The Value of Design hosted by Zeewaardig!

At IDE it is common to design products and services that are sold by businesses to consumers. At Zeewaardig, we experience that the design process is also of great value in the public sector. In an interactive lecture, we will share our view on design (thinking) and explore what it is like to work in the public sector as a designer. You’ll get to know three of our projects about designing education, the energy transition in Rotterdam, and the participation of citizens in their neighborhood in more detail.We are also curious to learn what your dream project would be. We hope to see you at the lecture!


There will be a free lunch at this lecture. You don’t have to sign up for this event, so feel free to drop by!