Case: UX design prototyping – IDE Business Fair

Case: UX design prototyping

March 13th, 14:45 – 17:45 @ Hans Dirken
Do you have great ideas but no clue how to bring them to live? We’ll teach you the basics in UX design prototyping in 3 hours.
We start off drawing screens for an actual problem of one of our clients – pen and paper are still #1 UX Design tools. To speed things up you’ll get a tour in Sketch and Marvel – our preferred UX design apps. Now it’s time to make a clickable prototype for the solution you came up with. Learn how to improve your design after conducting a quick user test. At every step in the process we’ll give you practical tips & tricks, so you can confidently make interactive prototypes on your own when you have left the workshop room!
Bring your laptop – Bonus points if you download Sketch trial and Marvel in advance.


This event has already passed, we hope to see you another time.