Case by Valsplat – IDE Business Fair

Case by Valsplat

March 1st, 08:45 – 12:45 @ Studio 20/21/22

Join Valsplat’s case and explore our mission to “make every moment count” using the Heroes of Value card deck!
Meet our 10 inspiring heroes, each with their own guiding principles, such as The Includer, who reminds us that everyone should be able to participate, and The Cupid, who inspires us to touch people’s hearts.
By incorporating these values into discussions and design activities, you’ll discover how you can apply them to create products and interactions that truly matter. As a participant, you’ll receive your own card deck to keep and continue exploring beyond the case. Join us and learn how the Heroes of Value could be used as your guides during the following of your study projects and design careers! Curious? You can get a little sneak peak in this video.


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