Case by Flatland – Designers vs. Social Injustice – IDE Business Fair

Case by Flatland – Designers vs. Social Injustice

March 2nd, 13:00 – 17:00 @ Wim Crouwel Hall - IDE Faculty

Designers vs Social Injustice

‘Let’s draw a better world together’ is our mission at Flatland.
Our daily work is to help organizations to solve their most complex challenges through the power of design… but design does not only empower, it also oppresses, amplifies, and silences. In our case we want to invite you to explore a topic we haven’t completely figured out ourselves: our role and responsibility as designers in fighting social injustice.

Let’s look closely at the systems in place, explore complexities, assumptions and beliefs, and find opportunities to participate more or differently as designers.
Join us to dig deeper and let us take you along on our journey to create a positive impact, by drawing a better world together.
We’ll teach you the basics of Visual Thinking and let you experience the impact it can have, and together we’ll create a drawing with a purpose: a wall-sized visual letter to the United Nations.

What would you like to say to the leaders of the UN? What needs to change and how do we ourselves need to change?
Join us in for a fun, inspiring and purposeful shot at advancing social justice in the field of design!


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