An electrical device, made from recycled plastics – IDE Business Fair

An electrical device, made from recycled plastics

March 3rd, 14:45 – 15:45 @ Studio 23/24, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering
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To develop a product with an appealing design while meeting the ‘Design for Recycling’ and ‘Design from Recycling’ requirements, one must explore the freedom a designer has. In a ‘business as usual’ scenario the development team defines the three most important requirements a product needs to meet to be successful on the market – economically viable, technologically feasible and attractive for the user. Throughout the entire process of concept development this trio is mirrored with the requirements for product recyclability and applicability of recycled plastics. To meet all above-mentioned requirements all possibilities for materials and construction choices must be investigated and weighted at this early stage.
The presentation will show all steps within the concept development process to come to the WiSensys, an electrical device that has been designed for recycling and made from recycled plastics. In particular, the trade-offs made to meet the technical possibilities on one side, and the viability and attractiveness on the other side will be discussed. This way we discuss today’s possibilities and limitations of ‘Design for and from Recycling’.

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