Add value for travellers in the journey for Transavia – IDE Business Fair

Add value for travellers in the journey for Transavia

February 26th, 10:45 – 14:45 @ Bernd Schierbeek, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering
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Imagine the last time you planned to go on a city trip. Hopefully you ran through the process of searching and booking smoothly before jumping on the plane. At your destination you easily found your way to the hotel before you started exploring all the things this great city had to offer.
Transavia and The Talent Institute are looking to discover, validate and build new innovative products or services that add value for travelers in the journey as described above. Can you come up with horizon 2 and horizon 3 types of innovative services that Transavia can develop? We are looking for:
1. A description of the problem you think you are solving (preferably with some data on why you think this problem exists at scale)
2. A description of your persona for whom you are solving the problem (including some geographical data points that will allow us to validate their pains / gains / JBTD)
3. A description of your solution (a filled in value proposition canvas)
4. A prototype of your solution (think landing page, low fidelity MVP)
The top 3 ideas will be invited to pitch for Transavia’s Innovation Lab!

(A total of 6 hours of workshops and/or cases will count towards 1 IDE academy point)

Maximum number of participants: 30


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