UNGA B.V. – IDE Business Fair


is a company that creates toys for kids

UNGA is a global creative agency specializing in kids’ loyalty. We believe that families and businesses can grow through the power of play. So, we develop and design fun loyalty campaigns for retailers across the globe, featuring concepts that are tailored for children in a with a focus on sustainability.

Think of fun concepts that help children learn and bring families closer together, something to collect at their local supermarket when doing their groceries. From collectible plush and toys to seedling kits and creative activities, UNGA’s concepts make entertainment and education converge. By closely studying children’s needs and following global toy trends, we craft the most optimized products for families to enjoy valuable experiences and play to grow.

These playful concepts are the centerpieces of bespoke short-term loyalty campaigns. UNGA creates opportunities for retailers to connect with families and build a sustainable relationship with their loyal customers of today and tomorrow. Collectibles, toys, and products are combined with great loyalty marketing mechanisms. Loyalty campaigns ultimately provide retailers with higher cart value, customer retention and expected sales uplift, and they contribute to retailers’ brand image.

At UNGA, all departments and team members work hand in hand. We have an informal company culture focused on unleashing your inner child: just come as you are.
Our roots are Dutch, but we are international at heart. Believing in the power of diversity, we are proud to count nearly 20 nationalities within our team. We are now more innovative, creative and open than ever.