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Round Feather

is a design and innovation consultancy

About Round Feather

Do you want to design disruptive solutions that address the heart of the problem?

At Round Feather, we believe that understanding and addressing people’s happiness is the starting point for innovation.

Emotions reveal the deeper “why” behind people’s thoughts and actions. Using our proprietary methodology Design for Happiness,  we research and uncover unarticulated needs and emotional dilemmas of our client’s customers and we map them in a comprehensive end-to-end service journey. Reconciling dilemmas and diving into the richness of qualitative insights open up new opportunities for designing behavioural nudging solutions and optimal emotion-driven experiences.

Based in Rotterdam, with headquarters in San Diego, Round Feather is a worldwide research consultancy working closely with top global companies across a diverse range of industries – from financial well-being to productivity software to consumer electronic products.

If you want to know more about how we bring empathy to innovation, get a glimpse in our methodology, discover job opportunities or just connect with our researchers, come have a chat at Round Feather’s stand.

Looking forward to crossing our happiness journeys!