WeHardware – IDE Business Fair


realizes and scales products

WeHardware helps startups to realize their physical product and production capacity, by providing hardware CTO services for hire. While startup founders focus on their software, service or sales, they have the peace of mind knowing that they have WeHardware experts in their team and keep their organization lean.

Though Holland is known for its startup scene, in general, investors (and startups) prefer to avoid physical products. Hardware is expensive, IP sensitive, something you cannot launch until it is perfect, demanding on sustainable development goals etc. Additionally, hardware is increasingly becoming a mean to sell software or a subscription model.
WeHardware is the showcase of A4M group for the CES2021. Already since 2007, A4M group is helping all types of companies to realize their prototypes and productions. Well-known references are Modrobotics (raised 10 million USD), Vanmoof (raised 60 million USD) and Littlebits (bought out by Shero). A4M group made their first prototypes and setup their supply chain long before these became big.

At the IDE business fair Mariet Schreurs, partner in A4M group and WeHardware, will share her experience with MVPs, prototypes, unit cost, diversity in development teams and working in China for 10 years.