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Unplugged & Makerlab
Unplugged and Makerlab are part of the Makerstreet network, we are a collection of experts with a broad portfolio in helping companies, institutions and governments to innovate.

As service, strategy and experiment designers, we have a great deal of experience in providing insight into the various touch-points, locations, processes and people who together shape the customer experience. The journey starts at Unplugged, experts in understanding organizations and people in terms of behavior and deeper motivations. Our starting point is always understanding people and their place in the (eco)system. Whether they are users, employees or other stakeholders: their motivations and issues lay the basis to insights and opportunities. This is done by using design research methods and translating these insights into visual output: for example journeys, service blueprints, and ecosystems. These are the start for new service/strategy/system/platform designs, designed by both Unplugged and Makerlab. Makerlab combines creativity and creating skills into experimenting new designs. Validating new propositions through our own approach “innovating by making”. Furthermore Makerlab facilitates Design Sprint, Accelerators and other programs to jump start innovation. We worked together for parties such as NPO, Schiphol, and RAI Amsterdam.

Unplugged and Markerlab are a bunch of young, motivated and crazy people, with yearly outings, a love for table football and dancing at the Makerstreet festival!

Interested? Come and talk to us at the fair!