Komovo – IDE Business Fair


Strategisch ontwerpbureau

About Komovo

We are Komovo, a strategic design agency for tangible visions. With our work, we help organisations to make their future vision explicit, inspiring, and actionable. Our clients are start-ups with purposes we believe in, governmental departments with systemic challenges we want to address and companies with social agendas we find worth pursuing. Once we are set on a vision, we help our clients with aligning their capabilities with their freshly set aspirations. In doing that, we apply strategic design in many ways. From creating a spatial identity to brand rationale, and from creating an innovation strategy to possible futures; We guide the first steps towards the envisioned future direction. To make visions tangible, we collaborate with a lot of partners from all sorts of disciplines, from architects to developers to visual artists. In March we will be here at the IOB, to meet you, the next generation of designers. We are eager to learn from your passions, skills, and thoughts about design. And perhaps we can work together on a beautiful project in the future. See you there!