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Jos de Vries

is a retail company

About Jos de Vries

JDV has helped clients throughout Europe, Russia and the Middle East develop and design new retail concepts for over 30 years. To this end, we have five specialised agency components: Strategy, Concept, Design, Communication and Architecture. We offer our clients a holistic approach, from strategy to implementation. We can, however, also help where necessary, with, for example, an appropriate design or communication concept.

In this way, our multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic designers, architects, marketers and strategists shapes the future of retail.

Technology, online shopping, urbanisation, changing consumption patterns: all are developments that affect the store. Today’s consumers expect more and are increasingly taking control themselves. While scrolling on their smartphones, they are changing the market. The most important question facing retailers is therefore how to keep their brand relevant, not only to today‚Äôs consumers, but those of tomorrow as well. The answer lies in a new way of thinking: in Innovativity!

Innovativity enables us to create enduring retail stories and compelling store experiences that capture the imagination, enrich the customer journey and bring brands to life. By thinking creatively and innovatively, magical ideas are transformed into successful concepts, and we can forge a confident path into the future.