Join the pipe – IDE Business Fair

Join the pipe

developes sustainable water bottles and more

We are Join The Pipe the first community of tap water drinkers.
An Amsterdam based company founded in 2008 and since then active in Africa, Asia and the EU.
Working with several NGO’s bringing water to those without, organizing city cleanups and tackling plastic waste at the source.
Together with the TU Delft students we introduced the award winning concept in The Gambia.
We are producer of the popular Bluepump for up to 100 meter deep water wells.
This handpump is sold throughout rural Africa and considered to be the first unbreakable handpump on the continent.
With the donations of the PostcodeLoterij we place city taps and handpumps in several African countries.
Together with city councils, water companies and universities around the world JoinThePipe introduces City Water
This tapwater brand is sold in several supermarkets and is the first alternative for springwater in the supermarket.
Be part of the change and Join us.