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Hoppinger is a digital agency with 20 years of experience. We are a strategic partner for impactful growth and innovation. Our team consists of software engineers, designers, business developers, strategists, marketing consultants and operations professionals. A diverse group of people from different backgrounds, interests and age groups, but all driven by the same things: ambition, curiosity, ownership and innovation. This makes our culture freeing and stimulating, with room for mistakes and fun. Together with Vidda Digital and Hoppinger Business Solutions, Hoppinger is part of the Hoppinger Group. Because we are a group of companies instead of one big corporation, we can deliver in-house expertise without losing our agile start-up mentality. Working for the Hoppinger Group, means always having a next step to take in your career. Whether that step is a promotion or a side step to a different role or company. Basically you can have a lifelong career, working with different clients on different goals, without losing your favourite colleagues.