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is a customer experience design company

About GriDD

GriDD is a customer experience design company located in Utrecht. We research, conceptualize, design and test (digital) customer experiences with one goal in mind: Customer Dedication. Instead of putting the customer in the centre of a company, the company puts itself in the ecosystem of their customer.

We always strive to create with our clients instead of for them, so we may find ourselves in fun but intense co-creation sessions or we teach our client how to conduct interviews themselves. Other activities vary from user research and customer journey mapping to digital design and large organization transitions, where we build and implement CX strategies and capabilities. Next to design consulting, we offer courses and trainings in our Academy.

Our clients are mostly business to business, which means the end-users are not consumers but another company. This results in complex and challenging projects, because you need to keep the business perspective as well as personal needs in mind. Our clients are industrial companies like Signify, DSM and Mitsubishi, but also governments and educational institutions.

We have a small team of 10 CX consultants with backgrounds in sociology, behavioural science, interaction design and industrial design.