Fronteer – IDE Business Fair


is a strategy firm

We are a strategy firm from Amsterdam

We know strategy. We help our clients understand what’s ahead and define the right strategy for their brands, products or innovation approach.

Leveraging our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to create the future is why we get out of bed in the morning. We translate market insights and strategies into concrete concepts for new products, services, brands, packaging or activations.

We have a unique approach which we call ‘Collaborative Innovation’. We use the power of co-creation to find the best answers to client’s challenges.

Some of our favourite projects include: designing the future strategy of our country’s best known retailer; co-creating the ultimate travel experience on Dutch train stations; creating a new oat-based food brand; using our fast-track method to design an app for an international candy brand.

We work with awesome brands like Heineken, Philips, HEMA, Pon,  ROCvA, WNF, NS, KPN. As we want to create positive impact, companies in the arms and tobacco industry are out of scope.

Fronteer has an energetic team of Strategists, Connectors and Office staff. Working together in self managing teams (that’s right, we have no bosses), all with diverse backgrounds – from Strategic Product Designers to Anthropologists and Art Historians, thus making our work and the outcomes as surprising and remarkable as the people are. Meet us at the NDSM shipyard on the north-side of the IJ river.