Defence – IDE Business Fair


ministry of defence

We are DMO. The Defence Materiel Organisation. It is our mission to offer our colleagues at home and abroad the best possible. The best equipment, the best supplies, the best IT. We ensure that our people can do their work as efficiently and effectively as possible. It’s a way of protecting what we value.

We form the bridge between dreams and reality. Between the goals of the Defence organisation and the possibilities the budget and the market afford us.

We forge the link between what is desirable and what is feasible. We draw upon a wealth of in-house knowledge and expertise. Our strengths lie in the hearts and minds of our people.

We are in close contact with the business community. We are innovative. Even better, we are inventive. We are continually in search of smart and time-efficient solutions to meet the challenges of today’s world. Because the world keeps changing.

We help to provide a response to world events. We are the DMO. A mix of military personnel and civilians. A combination of experienced staff and promising young talent. A mix of technical professionals and experts in IT and weaponry. From information specialists and buyers to project leaders.

Here staff receive many opportunities for self-development. At the DMO, we work towards the future of our country, both our own and that of the Defence organisation. Cooperation is in our DNA. That means working with co-workers, market groups, knowledge institutes and partners, both at home and abroad.

With drive and creativity, we provide support in everything from purchasing to sales, from technology to information, from equipment and clothing to supplies and communications. From cyberspace to ground support.

We are the DMO. We are the connection between desirability and feasibility.