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De Energiebespaarders

makes energy-positive living attainable

De Energiebespaarders is a tech scale-up that strives to make energy-positive living attainable for everyone. Founded in Amsterdam in 2015 by two TU Delft alumni, we’ve been making it easy – fun, even – for thousands of homeowners to renovate their homes. We offer a one-stop shop for all significant energy saving measures, such as insulation, heat pumps and solar panels. Our team currently consists of 30-ish people, including many TU Delft alumni and graduation students.

By designing away all confusing and unnecessary steps, we’ve seriously simplified the process and tailored our customer journey. Our network of installation partners is handpicked for quality and innovation, facilitating a seamless transition from online to offline. And thanks to our proprietary software, we’re able to collect and analyze data about Dutch homes – nearly 100.000 Bespaarchecks – and use this to calculate energy performance, generate real quotes and plan installations at an increasingly large scale.

Aside from improving the current user experience for our customers and installers, we’re working closely together with financial institutions to tackle the main remaining problem surrounding energy renovation for homeowners – accessible financing. This will dramatically improve attainability and desirability.

We’ve also recently launched a brand new proposition aimed at renovating neighbourhoods collectively by working together with municipalities. This is being developed in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and is becoming increasingly important.

We’re looking forward to meeting bright-eyed designers that can help us with these exciting projects we’re working on!