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About Craeghs Consultancy

Craeghs Consultancy is a consultancy company based in Rotterdam. We are experts in technical innovation and we help companies in all sectors to receive funding for their R&D-projects. This makes innovation cheaper and reduces the risks for these companies. Examples are autonomous drones, production techniques for plant-based products or development of a smart logistics robot. Our customers come from all over the country and the projects could be in any kind of design phase (feasibility, prototyping, commercialization). We visit companies often to get a deep understanding of their R&D-projects, which helps in writing the subsidy application at our office in Rotterdam Blaak. 

The Craeghs team consists of 9 consultants, all of whom are graduates from TU Delft. We understand the technology behind innovation quickly or can dive into a subject thoroughly, but we can also translate it clearly to shape it into a(n) (European) subsidy application. In this way, we are the link between companies and government. 

As a subsidy consultant at Craeghs, you are at the cutting edge of technology, innovation and business. If this appeals to you, please come say hi at our stand on the IOB market.