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Cognizant Digital Business

Cognizant is a global digital consultancy, and a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for customer experience (CX) project-based services, worldwide. Recently, we joint our forces with a full-service digital agency, Mirabeau, to explore new opportunities across Europe.

At Cognizant Digital Business we help enterprises create differentiated value by leveraging emerging technologies to turn complex challenges into market-winning solutions. Together with clients, we create innovative concepts, prototype, test, and give tech-driven advice that has both operational and strategic implications.

End-user is always at the heart of our design process. Our success is rooted in our ability to understand people’s needs and behaviours. We are inspired by human insights and hidden reasons behind certain decisions, desires or actions. We do this because we believe that even with the most advanced technology such as Blockchain, AI and machine learning being more digital means being more human.

Our multidisiciplinary approach enables us to quickly adapt and respond to the ever-changing digital world. At Mirabeau and Cognizant Digital Business, innovation sits at the core of our way of working. Our Digital Studio located in Amsterdam is the place where service designers, UX designers, researchers of various domains, experts in the latest technologies and coders co-work to shape the future of customer experiences.

We work with market leaders in the retail, travel, finance and B2B markets to deliver memorable, intuitive and impactful digital experiences. That is why successful companies like Air France-KLM and ING trust us to keep them ahead.