AITO – IDE Business Fair


is a user interface design agency

Aito is a global frontrunner in haptic technology, offering a superior and patented solution for tactile touch user interfaces. The worldwide demand for haptics is growing strongly, in particular in automotive where it is one of the core human interface technologies for the future cockpit.

Our touch and haptic feedback controllers provide a best-in-class user experience in car infotainment systems, and for products such as smartphones and laptops (and even high-tech toilets).

In fact, Aito’s HapticTouch is the world’s only solution that provides accurate and precise feedback by combining touch sensing and haptic actuation in a single integrated package. In doing so, our HapticTouch achieves the thinnest form factor, highest design freedom and lowest power consumption available to the market.

Aito’s world-class team of engineers in Helsinki develop our unique and patented technology, while our sales, application engineering and design team in Amsterdam sell to customers all over the world.

Founded in 2012; we spent the first years focused on product development. Today, we don’t just have a breakthrough technology, but also a strong network of manufacturing, development and sales partners. And with strong sales momentum and a fast-growing customer base of leading worldwide brands, Aito’s technology is quickly becoming standard across various industries.

See you at the IDE Business Fair on Thursday March 14 th !
Jockum & Pieter