Active Cues – IDE Business Fair

Active Cues

is the founder of the Tovertafel

Active Cues believes that everybody has the right to play. Play contributes positively to people’s health and quality of life. However, for many people in our society, play does not come naturally. Active Cues therefore has developed the Tovertafel; serious games for people with cognitive challenges (i.e. people living with dementia, grown-ups with intellectual disabilities, kids with big or small cognitive challenges). These games be projected through interactive light technology to enable people to play these games on any surface (table or floor). The Tovertafel motivates people to participate in order to stimulate physical, mental and social activity. This improves quality of lives and create moments of happiness for players, carers and relatives!

The Tovertafel emerged from the PhD research by Hester Le Riche, founder and CEO of Active Cues. Research is still one of our cornerstones. Therefore we work with universities around the world. Our games are developed and produced in-house in a co-design process with researchers, developers and end-users in selected care homes. Working together with end-users is crucial to get the best effects when playing our games.

Active Cues was founded in 2015 and employs around 40 people. Active Cues is a Dutch organization based in Utrecht. We are active in 10 countries, mostly in Europe and have placed over 3.200 Tovertafel in care-homes. We’re proud we have achieved this but our mission has not yet been achieved; 10 million moments of happiness every day in 2025!